What you need to know

"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Timings of the school day 

It is important to arrive at school and in lessons! 

Visit our main school website for timings: https://www.summerhill.dudley.sch.uk/schooltimings 




We have a super-smart uniform that really helps you feel proud to be part of Summerhill School and represent your House.  Wearing the new uniform is an important part of joining a new school

Find out about our uniform (and how to order uniform) via our main school website: https://www.summerhill.dudley.sch.uk/uniform 

Food menu​

We have a wide range of food on offer at breakfast, break and lunch. Our main school website gives you some more information about the kinds of food that are available: https://www.summerhill.dudley.sch.uk/foodmenu

Attendance ​



It's never been more important to make sure your attendance is excellent. ​Visit our main school website for more information about our attendance: https://www.summerhill.dudley.sch.uk/schooltimings