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The House System

In 2017 the Summerhill House System was created! It is at the heart of our school and is made up of four houses which are:

  • Draco the Dragon (Green)

  • Orion the Hunter (Red)

  • Pegasus the Flying Horse (Pegasus)

  • Ursa the Great Bear (Ursa)

The houses take their names from constellations highlighting the need to reach for the stars, shine bright in everything we do and working together to create something fantastic. 









We are aware that moving to secondary school from a primary school can sometimes feel like a very big step.  Belonging to a House helps our students feel part of a smaller community within the larger whole school community, providing a place of security, support and friendship.

We whole heartedly believe that sharing a House with other students gives an ideal opportunity to learn about the values of tolerance, support, courtesy and friendship.

To emphasise the feeling of belonging to a family, our school uniform identifies students as belonging to their House. 

'Look Smart, Feel Proud' – with the House coloured tie and blazer.






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