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Frequently asked questions

Q)  What information do you find out about my child before they start at Summerhill?

A)  We work very closely with all of our primary feeder schools.  We collect as much information as possible including SAT scores, teacher assessments, SEN information etc.  We firmly believe that the more information we have the better and easier the transition will be.  We also encourage parents/carers to share any information you feel we should know.

Q) I have information about my child that I think school should be aware of.  What should I do?

A)  We value all information that means we have a better understanding of your child.  If you think you have extra information please drop an email to, mark it with title 'Year 6 Student'.  A member of the House Team or Senior Leader will get back to you.

Q)  What should I do if I believe my child may need some additional support with their learning?

A) You should contact Ms Mohamed (SENDCo), who will be happy to discuss your concerns and what we can do to support your child.

Q)  Who is my first point of contact?

A) We try to surround your child with multiple layers of support.  On a day-to-day basis your child's house tutor will be your first point of contact.  However the Head of House and House Officer will also work closely with you and your child to provide the best support possible. 

Summerhill School - Who to Contact

Q)  How do you put students into Houses?

A)  If you have brothers or sisters who have been or are currently at Summerhill you will be in the same House as them.  If you are the first family member to join Summerhill you will be allocated to a House by the transition team, which will use all information to place you where you will be successful. 

Q)  Who will I be with for lessons?

A)  You will all be split into 7 mixed ability teaching groups.  You will be with these class-mates for the majority of your lessons.  The only lessons in Year 7 where you may be with other students are maths, design technology, languages, global learning and PE.

Q)  What are the times of the school day?

A)  The school day starts at 8:40am and finishes at 3:10pm. Lessons are 50 minutes long and students will get a morning break and a lunchtime.

8:40am          Tutor Time

9:10am          Period 1

10:00am       Period 2

10:50:am      Break

11:15am       Period 3

12:05am       Period 4

12:55pm       Lunchtime

1:30pm          Period 5

2:20pm          Period 6

3:10pm          End of the day

Q)  What if my child is ill and can't come into school?

A) Please contact the school as soon as possible and leave a message on the absence line to let us know the reason for your child's absence.

Q)  How many times a week will my child do PE?

A) Your child will 2 periods of PE per week. If students opt to do PE at GCSE level they will have additional lessons on top of this. 

Q)  What if my child can not take part in a PE lesson?

A) Your child will need to bring in a note explaining the reason for not participating in PE.  In addition to this, they will need to bring in their PE kit as they will be required to participate where possible in a coaching role.

Q)  How does my child find out about extra curricular clubs?

A)  There are lots of extra curricular clubs at Summerhill.  These will be advertised on the school website.  There will also be posters around school and tutors will share this information with students.

Q)  How can I find out more information regarding uniform?

A) You can find information regarding uniform on our website. You can use the following link

Q)  How will my child get lunch?

A)  School has a café which serves a wide variety of food.  You can see a sample menu on this weblink.   We also use a cashless system where students use the fingerprint scanner and the price of their food is deducted from the amount they have available. 

Q) Will my child be able to have a locker?

A) We have lockers available at school.  If your child would like to rent a locker please complete the forms provided or email  Mr Morgan will be pleased to help you.

Q)  How can I read your school policies?

A)  All of our policies are available on the following link.

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