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A Message from your Head of House Mr Glattback

Welcome to Draco House!  We are a friendly, caring House and we enjoy working in cooperation with the other Houses to provide the best experience for our students. Getting everyone involved in House activities is really important to us and we are really proud of our caring team of House staff who look after our students on a daily basis. Our proudest performance in the Summerhill House Championship was when we won the first ever Christmas Tree competition with our Dragon-inspired tree - a great achievement for us. We also led the way on the first Sports Day with our loud array of Draco-themed songs which every Draco student was expected to sing at the top of their voices. We are really looking forward to getting our new intake of young Dragons and can't wait to see you all. 


Mr Reynolds

Draco House Officer


Get In Touch:

Lodge Lane
West Midlands

PHONE: 01384 816165

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