Our Heads of House

Mr Glattback
Draco House
mike glattback.jpg

Welcome to Draco House!  We are a friendly, caring House and we enjoy working in cooperation with the other Houses to provide the best experience for our students. Getting everyone involved in House activities is really important to us and we are really proud of our caring team of House staff who look after our students on a daily basis. Our proudest performance in the Summerhill House Championship was when we won the first ever Christmas Tree competition with our Dragon-inspired tree - a great achievement for us. We also led the way on the first Sports Day with our loud array of Draco-themed songs which every Draco student was expected to sing at the top of their voices. We are really looking forward to getting our new intake of young Dragons and can't wait to see you all. 



Mr Bull
Orion House
dan bull.jpg

Hi Everyone! Orion House is a proud House with a great team ethos. We are known as 'the Hunters' and we are really thrilled that we managed to win the first ever Summerhill House Championship in the summer of 2018. We have a great record of providing a high level of care with our excellent set of House Tutors and support staff leading the way. Traditionally, Orion have performed most strongly in sports and performing arts competitions but we welcome students with a range of skills and interests. We will try our best to help you achieve your potential while at Summerhill.  We hope you have a great summer and look forward with pride to seeing the new batch of Year 7 Hunters sitting together in the hall for the first time.  




Miss Stevens
Pegasus House

Hello, Year 6!  It won't be long now before we meet you for the first time as new 'Pegasusians', proudly wearing your new uniforms with the Royal Blue ties. Did you know we were only the second House to win the House Championship in 2019?  What makes this achievement even better is that we finished last in 2018! It goes to show that you should never give up and that you should stick together - our staff and students were brilliant in both years and our team spirit and togetherness kept us going. We have a brilliant set of House tutors who will guide you all to greater things while having a huge amount of fun and frolics on the way. Have a lovely time over the summer and we look forward to seeing you refreshed and raring to go in September!



Helen Stevens.jpg
Mr Wollerton
Ursa House
james wollerton.jpg

Hey Ursians! Are you ready for the fun to begin? Hope you've got your singing voices ready as we are known for making quite a lot of noise around Summerhill on House Competition days! We are ready to give you all a great big bear hug on your first day as you join our friendly, fun orientated house. We finished third in the 2018 House Championship and second in 2019 so you know there's only one way for us to go now!!! Could this be our year? Our fabulous team of tutors and support staff dominated the staff talent competition in 2018 with our Car Pool Karaoke rendition of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in the school minibus. It's still on Youtube if you want to watch it.  See you soon Year 6 - you are all going to look so smart in your new yellow ties, we can't wait for the term to get started!